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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Engaged or Enraged...

When I first saw this linkup on Stevie's Blog {no not my Stevie} I thought it sounded fun, so now I get to think back and remember planning one of the best days of my life. 

Engaged or Enraged:

1. What was the funniest moment you had while planning your wedding?
Funniest Moment, Wow I don't really remember any stand out funny moments. Maybe realizing how many wino friends I have or how many people would drink wine just to give us the corks.

2. What is your favorite thing about your husband?
I have so many favorite things about Steven. I admire his hard work ethic and his love for the crops he grows and the cattle he cares really are amazing! Also I love the way he loves me, I'm very public and am kinda addicted to social media and expressing myself through photos; Steve, on the other hand, is very private and I'm okay with that because his love and affection is just for me and that makes it more special. 

Photo By: Milestones Photography

3. What was the most stressful part of planning a wedding? 
I let all the little details get the best of me. Stuff at the wedding or reception that no one else was going to notice but me. Steven had to remind me on more than one occasion that the wedding isn't about all the 'stuff', what will matter in the end is that before our family, friends and God we made a commitment to each other that will last the rest of our lives

Photo By: Milestones Photography

4. What is your favorite personal detail from your wedding?
Oh I had a lot of details that I loved to make our wedding all our own. First what did people do before pinterest?! They had to be crafty all on their own haha 
If you are new to the blog or just catching on, I love wine, so wine corks and bottles were a big part of the decor. I also wanted to tie in a Steve aspect with the decor so we had wheat decorations also.  One of my other favorites was the shadow box we used for our sand ceremony!
All my details couldn't have been possible though without my amazing Sister, I'm honestly feeling a little sorry for anyone who didn't have someone like her to take over the decorating and details!! 

Photos By: Milestones Photography

5. What was your favorite part about planning a wedding?
Getting to play around with professional photos taken of the two of us and not photos I had taken! I knew one aspect of the wedding we were going to splurge on was the photographer and I haven't regretted it once. Those photos are one of the things that will last when the memories begin to fade!

Photos By: Milestones Photography

6. What would your husband say is his favorite thing about you?
I hope he would say the way I love him and all the little things I do to make him feel special {like buying him TONS of double stuffed Oreos} or being an awesome Wife and surprising him with a brand new set of golf clubs for our wedding present! 

Photo By: Milestones Photography

Are you planning your wedding now? Or already Married? Were you totally stressed out or do you have a wonderful man {like mine} to keep you grounded? Link up and let us know! 

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  1. Yay! So glad you linked up! I am currently planning mine and I go back and forth between being completely grounded and crying endlessly. (Maybe it's the birth control? haha) But I loved this! What a sweet love story you have!

  2. Thanks for linking up!! I LOVE those pictures and can't wait to see my own!

  3. You are absolutely right about letting all the little details getting the best of us during wedding planning! I was so guilty of this... in the end all that matters is that everyone you love watches you say, "I do." And that's all! So excited to be swappy partners :)

  4. Just found your blog- this post was too funny! I definitely let the little details in wedding planning get the best of me as well. So comforting knowing I stressed about the things no one will remember ;). Newest follower! Excited to read more from you!