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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Packing Tips Welcome

You know those days where you think you will be really productive …
And then …
You Fail by sitting on the couch all day! 

Yep this has been my day. {I blame my horrible menstrual cramps - remedies welcome}

I have been editing photos.

Crochet, Winter, LB Photography, Laughter
My lovely sister : Crafter at Erika Joy Design

North Dakota, Black Angus, farm, cattle

Angus, Farm, Cattle

Adding to my 30 before 30 list. {almost done 5 left}

Anticipating March when we can bring our pup home.
GSD, puppy

Reading blogs. Catching up on responding to my own blog comments, and putting off cleaning and packing. 

Did I mention we have to be out of our apartment in 20 days?! HELP!! Any tips on packing for a move would be greatly appreciated!! 

Where are we going you ask?! Well Back on 9.8.12 {yep our wedding} we stayed in our apartment for the first time ever. You see since August of 2010 we had been living with my husband's dad at the farm house. {The farm and apartment are only 10 miles from each other} And at one point this living arrangement included living with ALL of my inlaws {father, his girlfriend (on the weekends), sister 1 and her husband and our nieces (2), and sister 2, and sister 3} Did you get all that?! 10 people under one roof, very female dominated with 2 bathrooms. Thinking back on it I really don't remember there being that many people but I'm fairly certain I couldn't do it {sanely} again!! I Love my family but this just sounds like chaos!! 

So as of today 2.8.14, we have been living here for 518 days, exactly 1 year and 5 months. Now it is time to pack because my Father-in-law and Wife {before mentioned girlfriend - aka Mother Teresa} are moving to 6911. Yep their new house is in the final final stages of being built and we get to move back to the farm house. 

North Dakota, Farm Life, Winter

I am SUPER excited to move out of town and live on the farm again but am DREADING packing so I really need those packing tips! My current solution is drinking ALL the wine on my wine rack instead of packing it then just pack the rest of the place after that, but I have a feeling that isn't practical and I'd misplace tons of our things! 

Hope you all are having a Wonderful Weekend!!

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  1. Start with your least used items, get rid of anything you haven't used over a year and aren't too attached to :-) does the farm house have a dishwasher???!!!

  2. Ooh yes - I always clean out our closets first by donating clothes, etc. Good tip!

  3. Love the pictures. Packing is no fun but I do love getting rid of stuff when I do.

  4. love the pics. and congrats on moving. although packing is no fun at all but it gives you a chance to go thru things and do the "this pile goes here." "This to goodwill" and etc. hope it goes well.

    Moving is the worst! It's fun to be in a new place but packing/unpacking... yikes!

  6. Packing is the worst! I recommend packing room-by-room. Have a box (or boxes) ready for donations and a garbage bag on hand. Be sure to label each box to make unpacking easier. Good luck and congratulations! xo

  7. haha--we're moving this summer, my best strategy is to just move as little as possible. If you don't actually need something, now's the best time to get rid of it and make you job easier! :)

  8. Thank you I will now go throw tons of crap :-)
    Yes I Get My dishwasher back!!! #ecstatic

  9. Thank you so much!! Ya I have a feeling the thrift store will be getting a large shipment from me :-)

  10. Thank you so much! Yes now I just need to start making piles ;-)

  11. Hello?! Is This Really Amanda?! #OhhMyGosh Welcome to my blog I'm so glad you could comment!!! hahaha ;-)
    Yep I'm dreading it! Wish I was rich enough for someone to do all this crap for me! haha

  12. Yep going to the store tomorrow to buy some more totes, duct tape and a permanent marker ;-) Thank You!

  13. Yes I hope to donate a lot of stuff that I know I won't want to un-pack!

  14. Yep I'm thinking it is time for a whole new wardrobe haha kidding but holy crap I have a lot of clothes I haven't seen for a long time! Thank You for the tips!