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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Reminding myself I am worthy

I received a card from my Cara Box partner and the card was as far as I got because it was just what I needed to hear. 

You see I've been struggling lately with the direction to take my side photography business and her words spoke right to my soul! She encouraged me and told me to keep taking photos because she loved the emotions I captured and found my photos gorgeous. The funny thing is she had no clue that I was down on myself and that is how I know she was genuine in the words she wrote!

Taking something you love as a hobby and turning it into a side job isn't all it is cracked up to be. It is demanding and at times, it takes the things you love and turns them into the things you dread. 

Plain and simple I have always loved the camera in my hand. Capturing moments never to be repeated exactly the same. The photos tell a story no matter how big or small or important and that is something I will always love about it!

Life is like a camera, photography

I started to get inside my own head. 
"Why would people want me to take their photos when XX takes way better pictures than I do" 

"I don't have the newest camera/lens/photoshop so people probably aren't going to like my pictures as well" 

"I'd rather stick to still life and landscape because they can't like/dislike me" 

"They are my friends/family and have to tell me they enjoy my photos"

These became my struggles and I began turning a lot of people down from photo sessions. I was my own biggest critic and was starting to not like my own work. 

be patient with yourself, loving, biggest fan

I have decided to say Yes to myself and to my photography again. I need to fall in love with it again and I think that will mean baby steps back into photo sessions for others because first I need to remind myself {all by myself} that I am worthy of it!

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  1. i love the quotes. so what did you get in your cara package? wish i could do it. but i'm not able to

  2. Love this. And i LOVE your photos too :-)

  3. We are our own worst critics. If photography is what you love, then you really should pursue it.

  4. Your photos are always so beautiful but it's true, we love to pick ourselves apart. But that's why we have great people in our lives to continue to remind us sometimes we are pretty great :)

  5. I promise you are worthy and if we lived closer I would totally have you photograph me....and edit me to make me look skinny.

  6. Ditto. Wait, we do live closer... :)

  7. We truly are our own worst critic. Plus, as women, we are constantly comparing ourself to others. Basically we end up taking something good and talking ourselves out of it and finding multiple reasons why we shouldn't do it or why we're not good enough. Girl, you rock, and if you love something and want to give it a try, do it. :)

  8. Thank you. Lots of fun stuff. I think I'm posting my reveal today!

  9. Good luck my darling with whatever opportunity you have. I believe in you! xo

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet words!

  11. Ahh thank you so so much it means a lot!!

  12. hehe oh Ashten you always make me smile, thank you so much!!
    PS I have been looking up blog conferences in Atlanta all morning … maybe I should just come see you & warner instead of paying $200+ for some speakers ;-)

  13. Thank you so much my darling friend!! xo