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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Pinterest Easter Birthday

I need a detox! The amounts of bad {but oh so good} food I have been consuming lately is not favoring me - my scale even went up by 3 numbers so we have to change that. But first let's see if you get full just from my weekend recap!!

First Up: Pinterest Party! 
My sister-in-law mentioned the other day how fun it would be to have a craft day with my sister so we decided to have a Pinterest day. We all came with different craft ideas we had found on Pinterest, my sister brought her cricut and I supplied the wine and goodies! Here was the winning recipe … It was a blast - we painted, cut and glued our little hearts out!! 



Next Up: Easter -- Birthday
It was forecasted to be a beautiful day and for once those weather people didn't disappoint - The Sun was Shining for Our Risen Lord indeed!!
After church we played cards outside and I think all got a little sunburnt. Then as if I didn't graze and eat enough on Saturday my mom made an amazing Easter meal! 
My Sister also turned 24 on Sunday so after dinner we took a long walk to make room for her Birthday Pie!
We had so much fun all hanging out enjoying the beautiful weather - I think Spring is here!! 

::Detox/Clean Eating Tips Welcome::

Hope you all had a blessed Easter Weekend!!

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  1. I love the wreath. I am with you on the detox. The weather is beautiful lately so I am trying to get outside as much as I can.

  2. That "love notes"...cutest! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  3. two meals in 4 hours oh my goodness haha i would have been rolling too!! if you and baby find some good healthy eats let me know ;-)

  4. Me too, they are jumping the gun on summer but at least will be ready for the 4th haha Yes if you find some good recipes pass them my way!

  5. Yes it was so beautiful out and the fact that I spilt red wine on my white pants didn't help either haha, thank goodness I still had old clothes at my parents so my pants could get washed right away - no stain!! :-)

  6. Thanks, now I just need my hubby to write on there ;-)

  7. I can't believe it was so nice in ND. Score! My daughter and I will be traveling there in May, so I'm hoping the nice weather continues.

  8. I am hoping we can get that weather back. There was quite the chill these past few days!!
    Have fun on your visit to ND and pray the sunshine and 70s return!!