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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Understand

Last night I finished the newest Nicholas Sparks book. Initially on finishing it I wasn't in love with it; I mean it was okay but didn't leave me in tears like most of the others - why this is what I want from books, I don't know!!


But today, I couldn't stop thinking about it … the characters, the moments that did make me cry and make me laugh, the giant end surprise/takeaway from the book. I realized I was more in love with the story than I'd initially thought, sad that after work I wasn't going to get to hang out with Sophia, Luke, Ruth & Ira. Even though it didn't leave me in tears it did make an impact on me. That Nicholas Sparks still knows what he's doing!! 

Shortly after finishing the book, surprisingly, I was already applying it to my life. I was slightly angry with my husband for breaking a kitchen appliance. Looking back, not a big deal at all and to top it off "It was a thing" - my husband didn't die and it was so far from that. I learned from this book that I need to have a much more 'who cares' attitude when it comes to my 'things', that the one 'thing' that really matters is Love! Love in the form of who you love : Love in the form of who loves you - That is All That Matters because if you strip away all of the 'things' what could you truly not live without?!

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Now I Understand. Do You?

ps. I highly recommend this book!!

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  1. I'm not a big Nicholas Sparks fan for some reason, but I keep seeing this book pop up and I have to admit I'm interested in it! It definitely sounds like it made an impact for you-- I love when you read something that keeps you thinking about it long after it's over!

  2. Sunshine and PearlsApril 2, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    You may have actually inspired me to head over to Target and pick up my first Sparks book along with a box of tissues!

  3. Just finished the book as well. I found myself tearing up in parts that I didn't think I would as well. Ending was just so sweet and I loved how it all came together. I am a Nicholas Sparks' lover so I have read tons! I already want to read it again!

  4. I think another reason I liked this book was for the rodeos and things I could relate to :-) This wasn't a real sappy love story like all the rest of his there were so many other interesting components. If you read it let me know what you think!!

  5. Glad to hear it, if you read it let me know what you think!!

  6. You know, I hardly read books more than once but I really think I could with this one and I'm sure I'd fall in love with it even more!
    Of course the farm wife in me loved those parts of the story :-)

  7. I've never been a huge fan on Nicholas Sparks. I may have to give him a second chance.
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I had to stop reading Nicholas Sparks books because they are so depressing. Haha! I like a happier ending.

  9. I worry WAY too much about the things that reeeeallly don't matter in the grand scheme of things. Also, I need to make more time for reading. I love getting caught up in a good book!