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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We Can Do All Things Through Christ...

I started writing this on Facebook and then thought 'no one likes GIANT status posts' so here is an impromptu blog post!

Over the course of a few weeks I have been attempting to watch this video after numerous times of getting interrupted and pausing & playing it, I finally finished. It is 1 hour and 47 min long and I'm glad I watched every second. 

This is a video showing what a funeral should be like, a celebration of the life lived - and wow, did she ever Live! 

I did not personally know the woman who passed away so it may be odd that I watched her funeral; but I have been drawn to this story of love, loss, faith, joy and cancer since day one. You may not know her either but I promise you'll be inspired by the life she led! 

I went to college with Leanne's sister, Aimee, so that is how I know of her journey. I have never seen a family more devoted and so certain of their faith and trust in Jesus - it is beyond inspiring, and makes me want to be a better follower of Him. 

Now, I really encourage you to watch the service and I don't want to spoil the whole story but Leanne was diagnosed with breast cancer -while pregnant- at the age of 26 {I am 26} and died at the age of 28 - 24 days before she turned 29 - this is what scares me, the realization that it could happen to me or my best friend or my sister. 

Leanne wasn't scared though, she knew God had a plan and He was in control - His plan didn't end how anyone had hoped but I think that too was His plan!!

You seriously won't regret watching this or having it play in the background while you make supper or play with your dog or with your kids >> CLICK HERE or HERE <<

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If you decide not to watch the video at least check out the Team-Chin Blog and take this one thing away:
God is bigger than all of us, He is in control - Put all of your trust in Him! Oh and never pass up a moment to tell someone you love them and know that YOU are Loved!!

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  1. i was just thinking about how much i've missed you (even though it hasn't been that long since you've written), and then hear you come with this. you are so lovely.

  2. One of my favorite verses and I hope to watch it!