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Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Tips for College Freshmen

When Nostalgia is hitting hard, you have 4 beers {your buzzed limit is 3} at a work outing, and you are steps away from your Alma Mater - Of Course you go walk around on campus pretending you are 19 again right?!  

Well I did!! I felt like I fit right in, I haven't changed very much appearance wise since I set foot on NDSU campus 8 years ago and being back made me really wish I had a class to go to - I even got asked what I was majoring in while at the coffee shop. 

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The Communication Department {where I spent my time} got a remodel right after I graduated so I tried convincing my husband I needed to go back to school but he wasn't having it - plus if I went back I guess I wouldn't go for the same thing!! 

I had a great walk around the place I called home for 4 years and relived some amazing memories. Of course it got me thinking about what was awesome and about some things I may have done different so here is a little list for the Freshmen just starting out on their college journey!

1:: Experience Dorm Life - No matter how much you will be homesick, or just want to live with your friend who is a junior; don't do it! Have the college select a random roomie for you, you may never talk to them after that first year {like me} or you may become best friends, either way it is something you need to say you've done!

2:: Get Involved - Now this is something I didn't do enough of because I was either afraid of rejection or afraid of what others might have thought of me << Don't do that!! Get involved in everything that interests you because here you will find the people most like you, the people who you probably wouldn't have met otherwise!

3:: Be Single - {Okay this can be controversial and is totally my opinion & experience} I went to college with a boyfriend who was thousands of miles away and in my experience it held me back a little. I used the line "I have a boyfriend" a little too much {the guy was just inviting me to a freshmen event not hitting on me (embarrassing)}. And by this I'm not saying be a slut, I'm just saying if you decide to go into your freshmen year with a boyfriend don't let him hold you back!! 

4:: Make Mistakes - You are no longer living with your parents, you are {more than likely} away from your home town - this is your time! College is when you find out who you really are and some mistakes are going to be made, big ones & small ones and when you learn from these mistakes you are bringing out the true you; so don't be afraid to make mistakes as long as you take something away from them!! 

5:: Have Fun - this one is simple just make the most out of your days and Have Fun, create the memories that will last a lifetime so when you come upon your 5 year reunion you want to go back again!! 

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  1. Great tips! I remember starting college. It was so exciting (and so long ago)!!!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Starting college was such a wonderful time for me, this was great!