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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


This is hitting me kinda hard. I don't {didn't} know the kid. Never met him. Never talked to him. Don't know his friends. Don't know his family. But I am affected.

I do not know what happened and like a lot of people in our area I keep refreshing social media and news outlets looking for answers. Was he mixed up with bad people? Did he drink too much? Was there a horrible accident? These are just some questions going through my head and I'm sure there are many other questions and rumors going around especially since the last tweet that he ever sent gives everyone an eerie feeling. He was found/seen after the tweet but it is almost like a foreshadow and/or crazy coincidence!

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This is the 2nd missing North Dakota college student that ended in death this year - This type of thing isn't supposed to happen here!

North Dakota is a close-knit state. That of course comes with too many people knowing your business but it also comes with a feeling that we are all connected one way or another. NDSU also has it's own feeling of being connected, of being a family and I think Alumni across the state are feeling this one! I was a freshman just 8 years ago and I think of all the dumb shit my friends and I did, this could have easily happened in my group of friends too.

I have a heavy heart. My prayers & deepest sympathy go out to Tom's friends and family. I pray answers are found and justice is served!!

Remember to tell your friends and family you love them - tomorrow is not promised

Has a case like this ever affected you?

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Updates: Death Ruled Homicide


  1. Geez - what a terrible terrible set of circumstances. Over here on the east coast, we are reeling from the loss of that poor student at UVA. I hate that students, especially women, need to be so vigilant about their safety when they should be off, having an awesome time at school.

  2. Wow that gave me the chills! How sad and that's way too close to home

  3. my high school friend died in moorhead under similar and really shady circumstances the fall of my freshman year of college. it still haunts me to this day, and i hate hearing about such a similar situation. my heart goes out to that community.

  4. This situation is just crazy and I don't understand why people do the things they do. I haven't seen much news on it lately because I have been really busy with the wedding and haven't watched the news. I need to catch up on the story.