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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Editing Apps for Instagram

Instagram is my all time favorite social media app - bets are if you don't see me on the blog I will be posting daily on IG - and sometimes I am slightly guilty of overgramming!

Helene and Taylor had a prompt {waaayyyy back in October} asking our favorite IG editing app and I'm late on this post {whats new?!} but since it is my favorite app I wanted to weigh in!

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When taking photos on my phone I ALWAYS use the phone camera and not the in-app camera because those don't have as good of quality.

Looking back on my Instagram account I noticed when I first started using IG {October 2011} I would use filters like crazy but now I am trying to get my photos to look awesome with little to no filter. However my favorite IG filter is Valencia and my other favorite is Captain in the Afterlight app.

Hands Down my FAVORITE app is Afterlight - This app can {almost} do it all! I use it for everything except adding text on photos.
Want to showcase your entire photo on IG (with the white border), get unique filters, change brightness/contrast/saturation/clarity … all that and more can be done with Afterlight and it is my goto editing app.

Now, if I add my IG username or any text to photos I do that with the Over app. This app has some great fonts and also some fun artwork to add to photos!

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Those are primarily the only two apps I use, on occasion I'll use VSCOcam but Afterlight just has a hold on me #addicted

Oh # lets talk about hashtags for a little bit. For those who still know {#} this is a number symbol #congrats! Okay but really I like hashtags as much as the next person but don't speak in hashtags on IG or anywhere for that matter, please. If this is you on IG I have probably already unfollowed you because, well, it is annoying. If you must use hashtags explain your photo first, use hashtags at the end or use hashtags in a comment. Fun Fact >> Your photo will still show up in that hashtag if you leave it in a comment!

photo apps photo apps

I am a photo fanatic most of you know this - I have over 3,000 photos on my phone and I have only had it for 7 months … I know that is a lot but in my defense I went on a once in a lifetime vacation and got a puppy!! Above are screen shots of all my photo apps - I would love to know your favorite photo apps, maybe I need more haha

photo apps, Instagram, hashtag

Find me on Instagram @mrslaurabeth I am always trying to grow my following and would love to have you following along

Today I will be taking over the Blog Baton IG account so come and check me out there << seriously this is such an awesome idea I'm glad to be part of it!

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  1. My mom introduced me to PicTapGo and I love it. It seems to have all the options of other apps pulled together into a single app... It's like the everything bagel for Instagram! :)

  2. Your pictures always look amazing! I will have to try out Afterlight I guess :) The app that I love for IG pictures is Instasize because it won't cut off the edges when you put it into IG. I don't know if Afterlight does that, but if not, check it out :)

  3. Afterlight is my favorite editing app, too!
    Great tips, girl!