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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Those What if Days

Last Friday I changed my cover photo from one of our sweet Brea babe to a photo of Steven and I.

My eyes filled with tears.

Loss of dog

Yep something as simple and superficial as changing a photo on Facebook … but it made me feel like I was saying goodbye again, it made me feel like I would forget about her because she wasn't on my FB profile.

Silly right?!

german shepherd

Silly or not it felt like very real guilt, like she was sitting in doggie heaven looking at me with those puppy eyes saying "don't you want me there anymore" {I over analyze things and pretend my dead dog is watching me - don't judge}

I knew changing my photo wouldn't make me forget her but there was that tug on my heart that made that day just a little harder. In loss and grief there are days that are easier than others and then there are those like last week when I was reminded of what could have been - and the days that we try and live in the "could have beens" with the "what ifs" those are the hardest days!

german shepherd

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