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Thursday, October 22, 2015

embrace the mundane

I was reading some blogs today and came across a few that weren't revolutionary or amazingly written with fancy words, they were just honest and journal like with few reader comments but it didn't matter to the author - they had post after post filled with simple writing and pretty pictures that captured life in that moment. I have so so so many drafts that didn't get published because I figured no one would care or want to read when I need to remind myself *this is for me* I want to look back on this space and smile at the simple posts.

I enjoyed the blogs I read today that had simple to the point posts - I enjoy people letting strangers into their mundane because someone else's mundane might resonate with others. One thing this online community loves to say is...ME TOO!! So here is to some mundane posts in hopes people say me too and if they don't at least I will look back on them and smile remembering what my mundane used to be like because I know it is bound to change!!

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