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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tea with Mrs. Laura B

Friends - Hello and Happy 2016
I can't wait to catch up on life over a cup of something hot!!

// If we were having Tea I would be drinking Hot Cinnamon Spice from Harney & Sons (with thieves and lemon YL essential oil) - this is my all time favorite and could drink it all year long but it is even better this time of year! What would you be drinking, coffee or tea??

// If we were having Tea I hope we are inside by a toasty fire because the weather in North Dakota has been brutal the past few days!!

// If we were having Tea I would want to talk about Making a Murder and Serial and Crime Writers On and Magic Lessons and all the things I have been binging on as of late - are you addicted to any of these things too?!

// If we were having Tea we would talk about you - how the heck are you, what is going on in your life??

// If we were having Tea there is no doubt Ember would come up in conversation. She is doing so great, is completely spoiled and is our little spitfire!

// If we were having Tea I would tell you that From The Farm Friday is coming back this week, so if you are in the Ag Industry I hope you will link up with me on the 15th and tell me and your readers what is going on with your farm/ranch

// If we were having Tea I would tell you I'm excited and nervous to be hosting an IF:Local gathering at my home on February 5 & 6 - If you have found Jesus or want to I really would love to have you over!! 

I want to thank you for this little date and I hope we can do it again very soon. May you finish out the week on a high note that continues through the weekend!! xo

I followed Amber's Coffee Date Format for this post

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