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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Quinn : Month 2

t w o m o n t h s: 
Quinn you are already growing up waaaaay too fast. You weigh a little over 10 lbs and are starting to get the best little personality. At 7.5 weeks we started on a different schedule adding in a little sleep training - you're a rockstar with it and have been napping and sleeping at night (only getting up once) like a champ. We went to the lake for the first time, celebrated our first Mother's Day, you got baptized and Mom had her first night out this month - you were a perfect little angel for Dad! You are growing out of your clothes even though I'm still trying to cram you in some newborn stuff because I'm in denial. The last couple weeks you've been spitting up pretty good, getting that gas out (plus you may like to overeat) you especially like to get the grandpas all dirty 😆 and maaaaan can you destroy a diaper!! We couldn't be more in love with you and are in a constant struggle of wanting you to stay little and yet love watching you grow!! 

Loves: stroller walks, car rides, making faces with mom & dad, her swing, reading Old McDonald, baths, her hands, being swaddled
Hates: being gassy, waiting to eat, being overtired, getting her nose cleaned out
Nicknames: baby girl, little gremlin, Quinnie, sweet pea, miss Q, 
Skills: kicking, smiling, lifting her head and look around, taking a bottle for dad, making poop soup 😂


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