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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Excuse my Absence...

I've been completely exhausted lately. As I type that I feel horrible because two of my really good friends recently became moms and I know they are exhausted and have total reason to be; me ya not so much I just like sleep. So please excuse my absence and current laziness. 

Meet my new favorite parents:

We have a busy weekend planned. Sunday marks our 1 year wedding anniversary. Wow I can't even believe how fast those 365 days went! We have a weekend full of Football {Go Bison} {Go Vikings}; eating prime rib and leftover wedding cake! 

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Photo by Milestones Photography

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  1. sleep is beyond the best thang. sadly I dont see it nearly as much as I would like to

  2. Happy one year anniversary tomorrow! <3 I love that last picture of you.
    Also, I have been getting enough sleep for the both of us, so I'm happy to share. Until I start school on the 17th, then i can't promise anything ;)

  3. My sister and my best both had babies this month! New babies are the best, especially when you can hand them back over to their parents and go home and take a nap. ha.

  4. Happy one year!!! Hope you had fun celebrating it!