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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Little Things

Who else has Fall Fever?? As sad as I am to see Summer leave us {since we hardly had summer} I am equally excited for leggings, boots and oversized sweaters. Our apartment smells of pumpkin spice, I'm hanging out in adorable leggings and loving these first days of fall! 

I know it isn't Thursday but I'm still going to share my Lately post with you! I hope you enjoy all these Little Things that have made my life pretty amazing in the past week. 

One of my good friends wasn't able to make it to our wedding so last week we watched our wedding video, ate some yummy dessert and hung out with her new little bundle of joy! 

Last week seemed to drag a little so wine and cheese was necessary by Thursday. 

The men were working cattle {giving cattle vaccines} this week. They usually work themselves so hard they forget to eat so I made sure to bring some lunch to them on Friday.

This is one of my best friends' little one she will be 1 year in December and is just starting to walk now … such a doll!

Speaking of that friend, she is moving to Florida in a week so we had a little get-together before she left us. 
These are 2 of my best friends from HS ... LOVE THEM!

Told you I had some adorable leggings {my hubby thinks otherwise}! Got these from Brickyard Buffalo and I'm so in love with them.

The hubby and I became members of the little country church we go to. {Total moment of honesty we've been very bad with our attendance lately but I'm hoping this will help.} This is the church his mom grew up in and his Grandparents are still very involved in this church family. It reminds me of my country church I grew up in and I can't wait to become more involved. PS. don't you love the angels behind us in the b&w photo?! Those are made out of wheat by the hubby's Grandma, she is so amazingly talented! 

I could stare at this little one all day. He belongs to one of my Best Friends and I just Love Love Love him! She lives 3+ hours away so I was beyond happy to visit when she was home this weekend. 

Last night we had a nice Sunday drive. Checking Corn - Meeting the new show Steers - My love for Pair 2 of cute leggings!

Like I said The Little Things in my life have been keeping me pretty happy! 
Now let me know, what little things have you been loving lately?!

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  1. I totally disagree with your Hubby, I love the leggings!
    Glad you all found a Home Church. I've not had a Home Church since I was a Teen. Having a Church Family is such a blessing

  2. For Cosmetology school I have to wear all black every day. I'm basically taking that as an excuse to wear leggings pretty much every day. I LOVE Fall!
    And that first baby's face! So cute!