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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Social Media Tips

Now I'm not claiming to be an expert {because I honestly don't think there can be such a thing} but I wanted to share some social media/blogger tips. These are things I've learned from others that have really seemed to help me and more often than not had me saying 'oh my goodness I had know clue, thanks'. 

Twitter - The Power of the @ symbol
Do you want to promote someone on twitter? Do you want all of your followers to know about someone you love or a great article or post? Then listen up. If you are like me and just look at your main feed in twitter {I'm sorry, who has time to click on each person and read ALL their tweets and replies} then you will only see stuff tweeted or retweeted by the people you follow. Sounds simple enough right?! Well I think the @ symbol tends to confuse some people. For example I want to tell all my followers about this great new song Blake Shelton has and I want to tag him because maybe {or never} he will RT me or reply. So my tweet could be :: @blakeshelton I'm so in love with your new single, you should come to ND to party with us. ESPN knows how awesome we are, you could see too! :: Now who will see this tweet? Unless you follow me and @blakeshelton this will not show up in your normal twitter feed. The @ symbol at the start of your tweet makes it more of a private message for anyone who follows you and the person you tagged. Something as simple as a period in front of the @ symbol will change that tweet so now all of your followers can see that you liked the new Blake Shelton single {and are a NDSU fan}. Here is another Example; I want to promote my fellow North Dakota blogger and her awesome DIY project and I know not all my followers follow her as well, so I'm going to make sure they see it :: @SamanthaMarie_8 just made an awesome DIY headboard & has an easy tutorial > Check her out :: . @SamanthaMarie_8 just made an awesome DIY headboard & has an easy tutorial > Check her out :: Now everyone who follows me is going to see that Samantha has a great DIY headboard not just the people who already follow both of us and probably already saw she had a DIY post about her headboard. 

Blogger Comments - Reply Feature *for blogger comments, does not apply to disqus or other comment services*
Someone just left you a great comment on your post and you want to say thanks or reply to their question. So you hit Reply while in your post, seems logical right?! WRONG. This essentially does ... Nothing! Unless the person who left you the comment is someone who goes back and checks all their comments {again who has time for that nonsense} to see if you replied they have no notification when you use the Reply feature. What you need to do is make sure you are notified by email each time a comment is made on your blog, then all you have to do is respond to the email. Praying the person who left the comment isn't a no reply blogger and that is a whole other story that Sarah can keep taking care of! {If you just said to yourself 'what is a no reply blogger' or said 'there is no way I'm one of those' -- pretty please double check and read THIS POST just incase}

Instagram Comments - again with the @ symbol
Someone just commented on your IG photo asking where you got your adorable shirt. You want to tell them because you'd love to help promote the store you got it from. You MUST tag them when commenting back otherwise they won't get notification that you responded to them unless, of course, they have no time and go back to all photos they comment on every 5 minutes waiting for a response {people don't do that}! In this case when you comment on your photo you can put the @ symbol with their username right at the beginning and then just proceed to answer their question or tell them thanks, etc. 

I hope these little tips were helpful, made sense, and will make your social media life just a little easier!

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  1. The @ symbol is such a good tip! I learned this recently, and I wish everyone knew about it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Honestly I had no idea about the @ symbol on instagram until just recently!! I bet most people don't know that! Great tips my friend (and thanks for sharing my post :) :) :) )

  3. I just barely found out about that twitter tip recently. I've been forming my tweets a little better now ;)

  4. I did not know the rule about the Twitter @ when I first started, but it makes a big difference!

  5. This was so freaking helpful I love your tips! "The Power of the @ Symbol"---SO TRUE!!!

  6. Okay I totally didn't know about the twitter one - that's really helpful! I think I mentioned you last night and totally started with the @ symbol soooo.... that did nothing. :) Thanks for mentioning your fellow ND girl in your post!!

  7. I had no idea about the .@twitter deal! Thanks!!!

  8. I definitely didn't know that about Twitter, or Blogger! Wow! Thanks!

  9. Oh I definitely didn't know that about Twitter! ♥ thanks!