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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I Can't Wait For Summer Because...


I have no bad connotations with this word. Everything about summer makes me happy and right now just thinking about it makes me so incredibly anxious!

Here are some reasons why Summer needs to come NOW:
// Warmth – I can’t wait for the day when 50 degrees sounds cold
// Bonfires – Oh my goodness I CAN NOT wait to sit around a fire on a warm summer night
// Lake Life – Sun; Sand; Water; Boat Rides; Drinks; Lounging 
– The ice needs to melt RIGHT NOW -
// 4-Wheeler Rides – Afternoon rides with the hubby in wide open spaces
// Vitamin D – My skin needs sun…Oh how I long for a tan
// Cold Drinks – Summer Shandy, Frozen Margaritas, Jungle Juice << My mouth is watering
// Canoeing – I can’t wait for our parties on the Sheyenne in the red canoe
// Sun Dresses – Cute clothes mixed with cute sandals, Yes Please
// Fresh Fruits/Veggies – Garden food is calling my name
// Camping – Sleeping under the stars in the fresh air sounds heavenly right now
// Flowers – We have beautiful flower beds and I’m so excited for color and Green Grass
// Grilling – I don’t think this needs an explanation; everything tastes better on the grill

What is your favorite thing about Summer??

Helene In Between

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  1. I love bonefires and cooking on the grill! I have a lake at the end of my road and if I could be on it 24/7 I would be one happy girl! Bring it on!

  2. I'm with you. There's nothing I don't like about summer!

  3. I agree, summer sounds so wonderful right now and all those things you described sound heavenly! I've been meaning to leave a comment. I graduated with your SIL Jess...and my parents sold their farm to Stacy. So it's been nice seeing what all you guys are up to! Love your blog!

  4. you're right, just about everything is beeter in the summer. i need it right now!!

  5. Yay! Love summer can't wait for all those things! :)

  6. I agree with every single on of these things. I need summer SOON!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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  7. A lake at the end of your road?! Lucky!! Oh after the snow we just got I CAN NOT WAIT for Summer!!!

  8. Right?! Ahh how I would love some summer sun now!!

  9. Hello!
    Thank you so much for stopping by, I love hearing from readers!!
    Are you still in North Dakota?

  10. Oh I need it too! And we just got snow >> cue crying like a baby!!

  11. Can't wait to be sitting on the deck at the lake; beers in hand, soaking up the sunshine!!

  12. Ahh sunshine and 75 sounds so nice right now; can't wait!!