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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Holy Spirit

Guess who I just spent 2 hours with?! 


It was pretty amazing and very eye opening. 

I learned about the Holy Spirit. Who He is and the role He plays in our life. Until today I didn't fully understand the Spirit. I never really thought much about Him, and for that matter I never thought of the Spirit as a "Him" until today. 

For me it was just the words I had said and memorized since I was young. 'In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.' These became words that just flowed off my tongue, that I heard my pastor say Sunday after Sunday. Not until today, the 6th day of my 26th year, did I question who the Holy Spirit was, what His role is, and how He shapes my day to day life. 

The thing about the Spirit though is He has always been there, with me, in me, surrounding me - pretty amazing huh?!

He is the Helper, the one who guides us through this Earthly life and directs our hearts into truth. The one who helps us figure out The Word - and maybe now that I recognize Him, the word will be easier for me to read!

I have no doubt the Holy Spirit helped me in my lesson today, and now that I understand Him a little better I know my journey will be guided towards the truth; the ultimate Truth that God wants me to know!

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Do you know the Holy Spirit? I would love to hear how He impacts your life

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  1. Spending time with God is amazing! Another term for the Holy Spirit in my church is the Holy Ghost. It's such a fascinating subject to study and one that always leads me closer to God.

  2. This is so great. I really need to be better about making more time for this in my life.

  3. It was so amazing I really need to do more of it!!

  4. It really helped that I have desk space just for reading the Bible; just sitting there with no distractions was really great!! I felt so good after it, but still need to do it more

  5. Thanks so much! I really need to read more, but I think this was a great start; I felt so good afterwards!!