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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Introducing Simply Chemistry

As you know almost 6 months ago I got a new job. With my very own desk to decorate and personalize. This is where I sit and where I stare 40+ hours out of the week. I want it to be an area that is welcoming and feels homey but at the same time looks professional!

It is coming together slowly and surely but I have been looking for something to dress up one of my bulletin boards. Good thing I know this really talented lady who makes some great home/office decor!!

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Bare Wall at work In Need Of Some Simply Chemistry

My good friend Casey from The Aslan's Auspicious Albany Adventure has started a new venture. An Etsy shop called Simply Chemistry. A place where she is blending Her Love of Creating and Her Love of Science!!

Okay I know, if you are like me science doesn't sound fun at all - but let me tell you Casey is giving it a fresh new look and a fun new twist. Her love of Chemistry has come from her love of a man, and not just any man but her studly chemist husband! After she met this chemist, she found a new love for science and is channeling that now into beautiful modern art! 

I have two tassels coming my way and I can not wait to organize my home office and give my work office some Spring flare!! 

Please go take a look at her shop, buy something and add some Chemistry to your life!!

One of Casey's Engagement photos = adorable

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  1. I love love love her shop! I've got two prints in the mail and as soon as I decide on a paint color for my office I'm going to buy a tassel to two! :) I love how positive and friendly Casey is... She's the bees knees! :)