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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Changes Coming...

I am finally filling out the questionnaire for my redesign. I want to talk about this in advance so you know a little bit about what is headed your way. 

Mrs. Laura Beth has come quite a long way in the past year. This space became more than just my intimate diary and day to day life. It became a place that other people read, a place where people came to know more about me - to know more about farming and how farm wives aren't hicks and we have electricity and {by golly} we blog. Okay maybe you didn't think any of that but I know the Dakotas {farmers | country people} can get a bad reputation every now and then and I just want you to see we aren't much different from you. 

I have found out people are longing to say 'me too' because life is more enjoyable when there are people like ourselves around - and even though you probably can't say you have 200 cattle living in your backyard you can say you love sitting around a bonfire with a cold beer or soaking up the sun reading a good book. ME TOO!!

I've decided to stop offering sponsorships, I wasn't spending enough time giving people what they paid for - not to mention this new design is stripping down to the basics. {don't worry current ads will be fully carried out} The blog name is staying the same just a few face lift changes. For those of you who read this blog by email - you won't notice a thing!!

I want this blog to represent me. To show my passion for agriculture. To show my passion for God. To show my passion for photography. To show my passion for family. 

I want this to be a blog you come back to even if I don't write new content for a week. There are no secrets my posts are not consistent but I won't apologize for it - such is life.

So, I hope you will continue to join me and we can learn about each other, about life and grow together!

country photo shoot
Photo Credit to: My Sister

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  1. I'm excited for the changes! I hope they make you happy and you'll fall in love with your blog all over again. :)

  2. I can't wait to see it!!!