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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Life Lately {Cow Poop Edition}

Yesterday I took a mental health day, well actually it was maybe more of a physical health day. Let's just say, I felt like crap and couldn't concentrate because of it so I went home. 

I had a chiropractor appointment and she worked wonders and told me the reason I wasn't feeling too hot was because of my back and neck being out, crazy how everything in your body works together isn't it?!

I came home and took a 20 min 2 hour nap and woke up feeling pretty good. Went for a walk with the dog, cleaned the kitchen, bed sheets, entry way ... Maybe I should have a day off every week for all the things I got done around the house!!

Speaking of the house, it smells like cow poop. Now this is normal because we have a feed lot in our backyard and Spring means thawing of all that was frozen turning into a muddy smelly mess. I open the windows to get a fresh breeze but instead get what some people like to call 'the smell of money' - too bad it stinks!! 

As much as I love our beef cattle they do nothing for the ambiance of our home, I had to get some new candles the other day to get rid of the feed lot stench.

These candles do wonders in the house {are husband approved} and the Honeysuckle one is my favorite!!

Now, the husband won't be smelling much of these candles because he is hardly home. I have officially become a farm widow again and spring planting is underway! Follow along on Instagram with hashtag #DoubleRPlant14 Also if anyone has good cold lunch recipes let me know, I don't think it will be long before the husband is sick of sandwiches.

Well, that is all the randomness I have for you this Wednesday don't forget to check out #CheersNotJeers today!!

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  1. My husband is on his second month of sandwiches and I have no idea what else to make him! Let me know what you come up with! Also, you aren't the only Farm Widow out there. Misery loves company!!!! ;-)

  2. Oh man, B&BW candles make me swoon :) Bummer your husband-less during spring planting season. That's how I feel with hockey - I don't think it ever ends. If we lived in the same town we'd hang out like every night :)

  3. Oh, pasta salads and fresh fruit are a great cold lunch alternative to sandwiches!

  4. My hubs hates sandwiches everyday so I struggle with this weekly! I have found that by buying interesting breads to put the sandwiches on it adds some variety. Ryan takes bagel sandwiches or ciabatta rolls. Also try pasta salads that you can add plenty of meat in. :)