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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Treats {Idea Post}

For all the last minute people this is a post for you. Did you know that this Sunday {May 11} is Mother's Day? Well now you do!! If you are really last minute and think 'I still have 5 days' think again, if you want to get mom that personalized card she will love you need to act fast. 

I was recently introduced to Treat and they have the cutest cards ever, not to mention very great quality for super reasonable price! {You must order by 2pm (EST) on 5.6 to get your card by 5.10}

Sample Card from Treat
As I have mentioned before I think each gift should be personalized to let the person know you put thought into their gift and it is just for them. That is a main reason why I love Treat - their cards and gift products are able to be personalized for that special person and special occasion. 

Now, my mom reads my blog and {for once} I have not been slacking in the gift department so I can't show you her card. I do, however, want to show you some ideas that have been floating in my head for different gifts and/or card display ideas.  

Wouldn't your Treat card look great on one of these displays?




mothers day

Your mom probably doesn't read my blog … so let me know, what did you get her?! 

Sample Treat Card

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  1. Those card displays are way cool! (Better than magnets on the refrigerator, in my opinion!) :)