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Friday, August 21, 2015

From the Farm Friday : n u m b e r 2

Whoa that week flew by for me, how about you?!
Glad you are joining me for the Second edition of From the Farm Friday.

I took off for the weekend while Steve stayed home, keeping busy at the farm with combining. During harvest, doing stuff without Steve is common because he is usually very busy. I did happen to meet someone over the weekend who didn't know what combining was so I took that opportunity to briefly explain it and I will do the same here for any of my readers who didn't come from a farming community.

Right now on our farm we are combining spring wheat. The combine is a machine used to harvest crops and in this case, the wheat. The wheat is fed through the header and as it goes through the combine, the wheat kernel (grain) is separated from the rest of the stalk (chaff); the grain goes into the hopper and the chaff shoots out the back of the combine.

At our farm, one person runs the combine, one person runs a grain cart (used for the combine to dump the hopper while still driving, this saves time so the combine doesn't have to travel across the field to dump in a truck), and a truck driver. Steve has currently been the truck driver for this wheat harvest, once his truck is full he will either drive it to a local elevator or dump the grain in one of our storage bins.

The above video has some great facts about wheat!

I'm a huge pasta and bread fan so wheat is one of my favorites. Besides its food uses it is beautiful, we even incorporated it into our wedding details as decoration!

The guys have a little over 200 acres left for this wheat harvest, they would be further along and even closer to done but we received some much needed rain on Tuesday so it was an okay break.

Besides harvest my father-in-law has been busy making our backyard smell Really bad!! He has been cleaning out the feed lot behind our house by scraping up all the manure, loading it in the manure spreader and taking it to a freshly harvested wheat stubble field. I guess I'm just glad we have less shit in the backyard now, literally!!

I hope you all had a good week and continue it into the weekend.

Let me know, what is your favorite wheat product out of the following: Pizza, Bread, or Pasta??

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