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Friday, August 28, 2015

From the Farm Friday : n u m b e r 3

THE GUYS ARE DONE COMBINING!! Yep it was an all caps exciting day on Tuesday when the guys finished wheat harvest. The rest of the week for Steve was spent doing odd jobs that were being put on hold while they were combining.

At the moment we have another 50 bushel bin that is going up. The thing that floors me on this is the fact that over half of the people helping build the bin are much younger than me! When I talked to them on Wednesday night it was a dad his 4 daughters and 1 son - their mom and youngest sister were on their way to help out. Oh and did I mention all the girls are wearing long dresses - yep they amazed me!!

The bins will store grain after harvest instead of taking it to an elevator
Friday Morning - almost done

The county fair is in town. 
Steve and I don't have kids but we have two nieces and enjoy watching them participate. They both showed cattle at the fair on Thursday and have a full weekend ahead of them taking care of their animals up there until they go home!

Do you attend a local county or state fair?

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