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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Quinn : Month 1

As I'm attempting to fill up Quinn's baby book I realize I also want her monthly recaps here and not just on Instagram or in her book so bear with me as I play catch up with some posts on the blog - and bonus for you if you don't follow me on IG!!

And all the sudden we have a 1 month old!! We are getting the hang of breastfeeding and she took her first bottle like a champ last night. 
o n e m o n t h ...
Loves: eating, mom & dad's voices, bath time, car rides
Hates: waiting to eat, being left alone, getting out of the bath
Nicknames: Sweet Pea, Lil Miss
Skills: cuddling and being adorable 

The first two weeks at home with you were a total blur. Your dad and I felt like we were playing house right away but by week 3 we were getting in the groove and you felt like ours! You love napping on our chests or being held, as soon as we put you down you let us know you aren't happy. Sleeping during the night would not be possible if you weren't swaddled and we LOVE the SwaddleMe brand because we can never get the blankets tight enough for your liking. You had your first tractor ride on May 4th and slept right through it, you sure love that carseat! We love you and adore your little personality that is starting to show as you get more alert.


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