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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happies & Crappies April 29 - May 5

It is that time again to let you know my ups and downs for the week. Happy Happies & Crappies Sunday!! 


  1. I got a huge shipment of wine from my wine club * Party Anyone?!
  2. My in-laws house got started this week * Eeek cue excitement! 
  3. After work drinks Super fun, much needed {but see below #2} 
  4. Got my wedding ring back : complete with all the diamonds and shiny as new!
  5. I won a sweet giveaway from my Blog friend Casey
  6. Derby Party at my SIL's 


  1. Technology sometimes drives me nuts - ughhh I don't think we can ever go a week without something at work not working
  2. After work drinks - got a little out of control haha hangovers = not cool

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