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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happies & Crappies May 6-11

I'm doing my Happies and Crappies on Saturday instead of Sunday because Tomorrow will be All about my Mommy!!

  1. My First Ever Blog Giveaway went live on Monday -- Ends the 13th you can still enter >> HERE
  2. As a result of the giveaway my blog is growing, welcome to all my new lovely readers - I can't wait to get to know all of you
  3. Beautiful weather = playing volleyball * Evening walks * Happy People
  4. Got a gift I ordered for my Best Friend's wedding … Ahhh I can't wait for October!! 
  5. Celebrated a good friend's birthday - I just love birthdays!
  6. Hanging out with my Mom
  7. Married 8 months - whew time flies >> This was us 6 years ago
  8. Got a message from another ND blogger … Um Awesome!
  9. Our {oldest} Niece had her dance recital yesterday. Oh she is so Adorable - Just Love Her
  10. The Hubby Started Planting Yesterday {finally}

  1. This is kind of a half crappie {because it's not all bad} but now that planting has started {yippie}, I will be a Farm Widow. Steve is going to have super long hours and pretty much just be home to sleep - guess I'll just have to go ride in the tractor!! 
  2. Sooo behind on my blog reading, that unread bloglovin' number gives me anxiety haha 

Now Stay Tuned Tomorrow for a Post All About My Mom!

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  1. I'm a farm widow now too. Road in the tractor with my man for a few hours today. :)

  2. Yay for new followers!
    And congrats on 8 months :)