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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Day ALL about Mom!

Today is All about Moms. My Mom, Your Mom, and {I guess} You if you are a mom!! Happy Mother's Day to all those lovely ladies out there who are called Mom by someone - You are appreciated for all you do and have done and today is the day to talk all about it! 

Now lets talk about my mom shall we?!

My Mom is amazing, she is a hard worker, caring, compassionate, funny, loving  my list could go on with adjectives describing my mom and I think you get the drift. 

I appreciate my mom so much and thank her for shaping me into the woman I am today. I thank her for the little things like: helping me wash my dishes; teaching me how to plant flowers; taking silly pictures with me; being supportive; being a great Mother-In-Law; always leaving little love notes; teaching me to LOVE taking pictures; introducing me to popcorn & hot tamales  and most of all teaching me the importance of Family and Love!! 

I hope you are taking the time to show a little extra TLC to your mom today because let's face it, She Deserves It!! 

I Love You Mom! 

*Happy Mother's Day*

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