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Thursday, August 29, 2013

355 Days of Loving and Being Loved

Two years ago today, at sunset, my boyfriend asked me to be his wife. We have been newlyweds for 355 days and he is still making me laugh and smile everyday - I'd say we are doing pretty good! 

I want to share one of my favorite verses from a framed photo mat we got as a gift for our wedding, and I doubt this is the last time you'll see it on the blog because I enjoy it so much. 

"I Do" By Bonnie Mohr:
This is your love story, come true… Your journey of marriage begins with 'I Do' Cherish this bond, it belongs to only the two of you. Start each day with gratitude and compassion for each other, and unconditional love will follow. Believe in each other; support each others dreams. Remember to dream together too. Always give more than you think the other needs. Say, 'I love you' and 'thank you' every day! Trust, respect, and appreciate each other. Be spontaneous, be fun, be romantic! Stand together, but let there be space in your togetherness. Know when to listen, to talk, to let your heart feel. Apologize. Forgive and forget - doing so will make you feel better! Work together. Play together. Pray together. Allow God to be the foundation of your marriage. You have been chosen for each other … it is His plan. With each passing year, you will grow closer together, drawing strength from one another … and two will become one. You will be blessed with the greatest happiness in life, To Love and to be Loved.

I just think it is beautiful and true in so many ways. 

I'll leave you with that short and sweet post for this Thursday.
Warning:: If you follow my Instagram you might see some pics of a new little stud named Ryan and some of my best friends. Yesterday one of my Best Friends had her baby - I get to meet the little guy today and I'm beyond ecstatic. Crazy to think we are at the stage in our lives where we {and by 'we' I mean 'they'} are becoming moms!

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  1. how cute!! those are beautiful verses. so uplifting! congrats on being newlyweds for 355 days :) and to many more years!

  2. Awww! It's awesome that you're still smiling every day! :) Newlywed days are good ones. And I'm totally still claiming newlwed status while I'm going on year 3....oops!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

  3. We're on day 461! Love your blog :)

  4. Found your blog via Farmer and the Bell. I'm a farm wife too. I don't blog much about being a farm wife, love reading what others are going through though! Its a lifestyle all of its own. Congrats to you guys on your anniversary (though I am a bit late to this.)