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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Little Things

I just looked at my instagram profile and my photos over the last few days and thought "I really am blessed" - no really I thought that, not just saying that to add some words to this blog post! I have been having a blast this past week and a half with my family and friends, they remind me what living is all about. I'm actually heading to the good ole County Fair in a few minutes to have our nieces show me their bunnies. There is even a Grand Champion bunny in the family now, talk about royalty - purple ribbon and all! I'm so proud of those little girls and can't wait to see them at the fair. 

1.. Wine Women & Baseball with 3 of my girlfriends was so fun. We had a blast in the cities and I think the only thing we wish we could change was how we felt on our 4 hour ride home! 

2.. Hanging out with my friend Meghan before baby El graces us with his/her little face! She is 38 weeks today, can't wait until baby is here!

3.. Go check me out in this post on Simply Clarke, she even has a great freebie and reminder for you.

4.. Kaylee Marie turned 3 on Tuesday. Wow it is really hard to believe the girls are getting so old. 

5.. Last night I brought the hubby supper {harvest is in full swing}. I couldn't leave the farm without saying hi to these two boys! 

6.. Photos of the girls after showing their rabbits earlier today … they are so stinkin' cute! 

Speaking of those girlies I have a date with them so I'm gonna run. I'll leave you with one last picture from Monday. Me with the men in my life - Husband & Daddy! 

Let me know The Little Things you are blessed with Lately!

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