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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tight Pants, Twins Hats & Color Galore!

Wow what a weekend it was. No, not this past weekend unfortunately I'm a little behind here in blogland but I still like to update and give you some pretty photos to look at. 

My sister and I have started a little tradition. 

The Color Run.

Now I don't run very well  Ever. But last year I was talked into my first ever 5k, which also happened to be the 1st annual Color Run in the Twin Cities. It was Awesome!! I Ran more than I thought I was going to and the experience with my sister and some great friends was truly an amazing one. 

We had so much fun with our cousin and his wife last year that we all decided to run again this year. The run was on Sunday but my sister, Eri, and I headed to the Cities on Friday to make a weekend of it ... and that we did!

Just so happened that our cousin's wife had tickets to the No Shoes Nation Kenny Chesney concert at Target Field, so Eri and I decided we were going to try and scalp some tickets and go to the concert as well. Our plan worked and we got some nose bleed seats but that didn't matter at all to us because who wants to sit at a concert?! We were up dancing all night and had a blast listening to the awesome lineup! Man am I glad I could see Kenny rocking those tight jeans and a MN Twins hat ;-)

Sister and I

Ran into an old college friend at the concert!! 

Saturday we hung out {aka: told our hangovers to take a hike}; got addicted to the TV show Weeds; found an amazing jam at a local bakery/cafe {seriously you could eat this stuff on anything}; and had a great supper at Bagu Sushi!

If you ever go to Bagu you will see a similar looking photo on their photo wall!

Sunday was Run Day! If you have never experienced The Color Run  Go Sign Up Today! It is worth it, you can't help but smile while you run through the color stations {seriously I tried not to because, well, it doesn't taste the best, yep impossible} it is happy happy happy! Everyone has such high energy and the purpose of this run is fun, there aren't many people out there to get the best time, and if they are I think they are missing the point. We had an absolute blast and I can't wait for next year!

Cousins before the run

Have you participated in The Color Run? 

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  1. It looks like you had such a great time! I've been wanting to do a Color Run but have only done the Neon Splash Dash. That was cool too. :)

  2. Loved this. and I would've wanted better seats at the kenny chesney concert.