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Monday, August 19, 2013

Steer Showing Farm Girl

I've feel like I've said this a million times on the blog already but when I was growing up I wasn't exactly into the farm life that surrounded me {I know, shame on me}. I was one of those girls who would rather be with her friends in town and not with the cows on the farm. Now, when I go to a country concert and see girls in cowboy boots and hats I have to chuckle because as much as they like to play the part of the 'farm girl' or 'country girl' I know they wouldn't last 5 seconds out on a farm getting their pretty boots full of cow poop! Then I look at myself and remember back in the day when my sister and I, with our bare hands, would mix cow poop, gravel and water and make cow cake & pies {haha don't worry we didn't eat them}.

I'm still learning every day how to be a farm wife but all it took was this one boy to change my mind about living back home with the cows. I started to really appreciate all the things my parents provided me while I was growing up and knew I was never really meant for city living.  

While I was growing up we had cattle but dad never had show cattle and that, I think, is a whole different world; seriously these steers had seen more hairspray and shine spray than I had. My husband's family raised {and still raise} purebred Black Angus cattle and showing was highly encouraged {if not forced from time to time}. After I had been around for a little while Steven asked if I'd want to show a steer in one of the upcoming shows.  I was a little hesitant to lead around this animal weighing 1000+ lbs but we had time to halter break him and to get him use to me and other steers walking with him, plus the fact that children half my age were doing it made me feel a little better.  

Now when word got around and back to my hometown community I don't think a lot of people believed I was really going to show a steer. Of course my parents were there to watch me show and there was someone else there I'll never forget. His name was Kenny, a good family friend, and I remember him saying to me that he 'had to come watch me get some dirt under my finger nails' {see, it was a known fact that this was out of character for the girl who grew up at 4930}. Kenny was an amazing man and last Thursday he lost his battle with cancer - today we laid him to rest. He was a dear friend to my parents and our whole family. I'll never forget how I learned some basics to the game of pool from him and how his smile and laugh would easily spread to your face. He will be so missed but we can be at peace now knowing he is no longer in pain and smiling down on us from Above. I am really glad Kenny was able to meet the boy who turned me into a steer showing farm girl!

Gwen Sebastion - Time to Go Home

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