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Monday, January 20, 2014

I am not the only blogger in North Dakota!!

Wow … What a fantastic weekend!! 

This was a weekend of Firsts
. First time at the lake in 2014
. First Blate
. First time drinking at a bar on a frozen lake

I headed down after work on Friday, with my parents, to enjoy the weekend on Spirit Lake! It was a wonderful relaxing weekend mostly spent helping my sister get her little business up and running … stay tuned for info on that!

Weekend Highlight = Meeting a fellow North Dakota Blogger. If you aren't familiar with blogging lingo this is like a date for bloggers so in-turn we call them Blates. 

I happened to be paired with Samantha from Life Style Love for our Cara Box swap this month so we just knew we Had to meet up. Her parents live in lake country {in MN} only about 20 min from my parent's place so this seemed like the perfect place for a Blate! Yes we are North Dakota bloggers who met up in Minnesota, don't worry in the summer I think we are both honorary Minnesotans!!

Samantha and I met up at local bar and instantly hit it off. We talked. and talked. and talked. Seriously after eating and two glasses of wine we hardly realized it had been 3 hours and I think we could have sat there for another 3! We had so much in common and I didn't feel awkward once. 

So I am just going to come out and say it :: I have a friend I met online. Yep she is real, likes wine as much as me, and didn't try to kidnap me; I even introduced her to my parents and sister!! I am so excited to have had this opportunity, but our night didn't end there. 

We wanted a little more to blog about {of course} so why not go on an ice adventure! For the past few years, once the ice is thick enough on Lake Lida the Hillbillies Ice Hole Bar is back in business.
That is right, there is a bar located just off an ice road :: equipped with electricity; an ATM; a TV; ice fishing holes; and {of course} a stocked bar!! This place was packed and definitely a sight to see, just crazy to me all this inside an icehouse on 2 feet of ice!! 
My Dad, Sam and I having a shot of Fireball at The Ice Hole

I am sure Samantha and I will meet up over many more glasses of wine and I can NOT wait for it!!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have an even better week!!

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  1. What's a blate? Never heard that one before.

  2. How stinking cute are you two!! And a bar on the ice?? Only in North Dakota (or Minnesota)! haha!

  3. It is a term bloggers use for when they meet up. Like a date for bloggers so we use the term Blate.

  4. Looks like you had a great time. Blates are the best. So many things to talk about and great company!

  5. hehe thanks so much! Ya people love their drinking establishments around here so why not put one on the lake ;-)

  6. It was a wonderful time!! So glad I did it and can't wait to meet more people!

  7. Cool! I better go look her up. ND bloggers for life, yo, haha. #represent.

  8. How fun!!!! I'm so jealous but it looks like you had a blast. Am I the only one who would be worried about falling through the ice with all of those people? lol
    And I love your comment about she didn't kidnap you…I've been asked that in reference to blog friends lol

  9. I also live in a state with seemingly few bloggers (michigan)--it's so fun to connect with one!