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Friday, January 10, 2014

Be a part of Something Big

I believe we were all put here on Earth as a part of something Big. Something that we have no control over. Something only God has control over. 
I believe God has given all of us recourses to help one another, to make this world a better place and it is our duty to realize what God has given us and do our part! 

{I know, I know} I'm getting a little too in depth so early on a Friday but I want to share something very special with you all today. 

It isn't our place to question why God does what he does. Why some people struggle - Why some people succeed - Why some people are sick - Why some people are healthy. It is our place to figure out how to deal and how to survive. 
One word comes to mind, one word that can get anyone through the day to day ups and downs - LOVE!

In the middle of 2013 I was informed of a foundation started by two young gentleman. A foundation based around Love to benefit young people {ages 30 and under} who were battling that dirty word :: Cancer. 

This non profit organization is called :: THE YOUNG AND BRAVE FOUNDATION

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I had a little Q&A session with one of the founders Matt Coulter and I really hope you will check out the amazing work these young men are doing. It is truly inspiring to see how they are using the recourses God has given them to make an amazing impact!

Q. For the people who aren't aware of your foundation could you give a little background on how you came to be and what you do?
A. Well the foundation got started when my partner Nathaniel Curran and I had a dear friend diagnosed with leukemia. Going through that process with her we saw such a void. Cancer is everywhere and so many deal with this horrible disease but when you are fighting it you feel alone, helpless and not sure where to turn. We created the foundation to change that. We create awareness, advocacy, bust most importantly we create an avenue for families to fund raise.

Q. When people donate money to The Young and Brave Foundation what happens to it?
A. One of two things. You can donate to our general fund which helps keep the foundation going and growing. Go towards promotional items such as pamphlets, stickers, events and other forms of PR. Or you can donate directly to one of our WARRIORS. You can do this through their individual profiles located at 100% of the money donated through the profiles goes to their fight on cancer. The only fee at this point is a 2.2% charge per donation by PayPal. We are even working hard to remove even that fee. We pride our organization on being 100% financially transparent and giving the donor control of where their donation goes!!

Q. You are based in California but could you have a Warrior from say…North Dakota? And how does one become a Warrior?
A. With the day and age we live in we can have WARRIORS from all over the country and as we grow we hope to make this a global effort. To become a WARRIOR or nominate someone all you have to do is go to our website and fill out the brief initial form. Its just that easy. All profiles are donated free of charge.

Q. Do you have any goals for the foundation in 2014?
A. Goals!! There are so many!! 2014 is shaping up to be amazing. So many collabs, new WARRIORS, bigger events. Our main goal is to assist as many families as humanly possible.

Q. What has been the best takeaway from this {for both Matt & Nathaniel} since you've started the foundation?
A. For the both of us it has been the overwhelming support of the foundation as a whole. We have always wanted to give back and this foundation has given us the platform to do so. IT has taken on a life of its own and we are so excited to see where it takes us.

Q. In addition to donating what can people do to support The Young and Brave?
A. The biggest most important thing anyone can do is free! Help spread the word by any means possible. The more people that know about us the more families we can help. Its just that simple.

Foundation Website :: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram

Again I would like to thank Matt for his time and to both him and Nathaniel for being amazing role models to young people everywhere!

Now if you are still with me, I am gonna ask you about that extra $5 sitting at the bottom of your purse or scrunched up in your wallet … Do you really need it? Can you survive without it? Donate it, to someone who will benefit more than you could imagine! 

As a part of the blogging community Ashten has set up a donation fund. Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! 


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about the guys. It means so much to have your support!

  2. What an awesome foundation! I'm gonna forego my daily starbucks run and give to them instead, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the guys and what the foundation stands for! They are awesome - and so are you for sharing!

  4. This means so much!! Thanks a billion!!

  5. I know I just love them and this foundation!!