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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Florken Love Story

Happy Friday wonderful readers! I am super excited for this work week to be over and it was a short week {why do they always seem the longest}. This weekend I will be attending a friend’s bachelorette party and can’t wait to party with some old high school friends {I better start hydrating now}!!
I have a wonderful treat for you today. A dear friend is taking over the blog to talk about love and I love Love so please give Kate {and Adam} a warm welcome!!


Thrilled to be posting today! I'm Kate and I blog over at the "florkens" with my husband, Adam. (Yes, he blogs with me!) We share a WHOLE lot over there... like how I didn't really enjoy our wedding, or our secret tattoos, or how I recently dropped my iPhone in the toilet. On Thursdays, I share my wardrobe makeover with the world and on Fridays we typically turn on the webcam, cross our fingers, and act like idiots for a bit with our Vlog! But, we do have limits, I assure you. Check out the 5 things I'll never blog about.

Still -- we've never taken time on the blog to really explain how we met... which is something we're asked quite often. So, I thought the readers of Mrs. Laura Beth may like to hear the tale and learn a bit more about how we ended up being the "Florkens."

You know how in movies, couples meet in the cutest ways? They always are standing in line at a coffee shop, or they reach for the last Everything Bagel at the same time... It's always cheesy but you think to yourself... "Yeaahh!" 

Well, Adam and I didn't meet like that. Not even close. We met on Now this is not an endorsement of Match in particular (although I obviously thumbs-up the whole online dating thing) but this it is a real breakdown of how everyday people meet, learn about each other, and fall in love.

Adam "winked" at me on It's kind of like "poking" on Facebook -- completely pointless but somehow it sends a message. I decided that instead of winking back, I'd just message him. I did. It went ok. I can't say that I remember much about those messages. Honestly, I was messaging several guys on the site. When keeping the conversations in my head straight, I would use like monikers for each dude. Adam's was, "The Ginger." 
We agreed to finally exchange numbers. We talked on the phone briefly. Mainly it was a text thing. After about a week, I decided he wasn't a weird and I asked, "So, when are you taking me out?"

Now he always tells me that's when he knew he liked me -- he saw that I was assertive, bold, and would ask for what I wanted. We decided to meet up on a Sunday afternoon at a local mexican restaurant. I almost backed out on the date because I was having "one of those days" where I just felt terrible about myself. You know how those go -- I felt fat, ugly, and could have sworn I didn't own a single cute outfit. I called my mom to tell her that I wasn't going. She said, "Kate -- you never know when you'll meet Mr. Right. This could be him." I snorted laughter and said something to the effect of, "I doubt it. But I guess I shouldn't pass on a free margarita."

I beat Adam to the restaurant. I waited for him in this little lobby thing. I kept staring at the drivers of cars as they pulled into the parking lot. I knew that when I saw "red" that he was there. I texted him, just to let him know that I was there. He said it was just a couple minutes away. When he arrived, I remember kind of being amazed watching him walk across the parking lot. This Ginger was WAAAAYY hotter than his pictures. I later found out that he was using pictures from high school and his first year in college so they were all very outdated. 

We grabbed a table. We ordered. I asked for a "regular" margarita and they practically brought me a sombrero full. It was embarrassingly large. We talked. He learned that I was in law school. I learned that he was getting his PhD. He picked up the check. We didn't want to part, so we met up at a local Starbucks for coffee and tea.

We sat outside and talked more. At this point, our first date was nearly four hours long. It was amazing. He was amazing. I was in shock. 

I went home that night relunctantly. I wanted to stay longer... get to know this man more. I just felt drawn to him. We had the second date scheduled within a day. 
So here's the deal. We didn't reach for the same bagel, but we were both out there reaching for something...we had put ourselves "out there" reaching for each other. It's not a "cute" meeting. But it is a meeting that I wouldn't change for the world!

Hope you stop by the blog and say "hi"! We'd love to meet you!

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  1. I just love this story :-)

  2. Thanks so much! It isn't over the top romantic... and maybe it's not traditional. But it's true... and it's how I met the love of my life! So for us, it's awfully special!


  3. ADORABLE STORY. I just love you guys!

  4. Aww I always wanted to know how you two met! I love love stories that aren't cookie cutter traditional!!!