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Monday, January 13, 2014

#GetFitAndFab {Week 2}

Baby Steps never hurt anybody … right?!

Well I sure hope not because that is my motto for this whole getting off my A** and doing something! 

I would say my first week of Getting Fit - Feeling Confident - Being Healthy went rather well!

My lovely friend Casey and I are snapchatting each other to keep the motivation up! It helps and really helps when I don't send her snaps of all the candy I ate yesterday {oops}

Over the course of this week I did my Jillian Michaels DVD once and played volleyball for over an hour. Now this may not sound like much but it is a vast improvement from 2 weeks ago so I'll take it!! 

Saturday I ended up with the 5-hour flu bug or something like that so sleeping consumed most of my weekend. Yesterday though I spent some time at the farm with Steven and remembered how he stays so fit {lots of walking, climbing and lifting}

My fitbit and I got along a little better as I had more steps than normal from volleyball and hanging out at the farm. As always during the week I get my water intake in by drinking at least 3 24oz bottles at work but during the weekend I can't seem to drink as much water! 

I plan on volleyball again this Wednesday so as long as I do that and at least one day with Jillian I won't be going backwards!!

Like I said … baby steps here! 

{Link to Week 1}

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  1. Every little bit helps! I totally wish I had a more active job since at least i would get more steps in on my fitbit. I struggle to get the 10,000 steps per day!

  2. I just ordered a fitbit today. Time to get more active on my end also!

  3. I know my sedentary job really kills me! Wishing I still waitressed a little because then my legs were super toned ;-)
    I struggle to get 5000 steps … ugh!!

  4. I really like mine, just need to get more walking int!!

  5. Way to go! Sounds like you're doing really well :) I had a weird bug or something on Saturday, too, so I slept most the day. And the way I see it, if you drink too much water on the weekends it doesn't leave very much room for wine so I'd say what you're doing is ok :)