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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happies & Crappies April 7-14

I'm following a few blogs now who participate in this link-up and it seems like a good week recap so I thought I'd give it a try ;-)

It is called Happies and Crappies so I'll give you my ups and downs for the week. 

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  1. I had the lovely Jessie Ann {my SIL} color my hair; crazy how a new hair color can just make me smile
  2. My sister's awesome birthday present from PickYourPlum came in the mail - seriously I love that daily deal website, if you've never checked it out you need to
  3. Somedays you just need a great nap after work and Tuesday was that day … who doesn't love a great nap?!
  4. Hubby and I made a favorite summer meal of BBQs and Summer Chicken Salad; we devoured the chicken salad in 24 hours mmmm it was so amazing!! 
  5. Celebrated my dad's birthday with the fam - Dinner at Toscana (super delicious Italian) 
  6. Celebrated some birthdays on a Party Bus Friday, had a great time with great friends being chauffeured in style with the Vanilla Ice Party Bus
  7. I bought my domain name. You no longer need {dot} blogspot for my blog. MrsLauraBeth {dot} com ... Yippie!! 
Thanks to my friend Matt for this lovely capture!


  1. Snow … 
  2. Snow … 
  3. Snow … 
  4. and more Snow! Ugh seriously this weather needs to change ASAP 
  5. Slow days at work made for a slow week. At least we got jeans day on Friday and I only worked until 2! 

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  1. LOVE your hair color! And I forgot to ask which donation did you give your hair to? I don't know if mine is long enough to cut and still do the long bob?

  2. Snow isn't that crappy! Okay well maybe this time of year it is! lol We (in NC) only get < 6 inches a year so I welcome it. You can throw some my way!

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