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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh Hey Online Shopping!

Happy Wednesday! 

Today was like Christmas thanks to my online shopping addiction. I get bored at work sometimes and check my email and … "Look Body Central has a sale with FREE shipping, (when don't they have a sale) I should check it out." Usually I don't give in but they really did have good sales so I got 2 new pairs of boots for super cheap, these are boots I hoped I wouldn't need until next winter but apparently Winter doesn't want to leave - seriously can't tell you how much I hate snow right now! I have to tell you about this romper that I ordered though, it looks adorable online and I was really excited about it for this summer but when I opened it my excitement faded. First it almost felt wet (in a sealed plastic bag) and it smelt really bad and Then I tried it on … "yep this is getting returned". I'm so bummed because it looks sooo cute!! There is no zipper and the 'elastic' made a ripping sound and didn't give at all so I don't know how anyone with an ass could wear this unless they bought it 3 sizes too big.  

I also have an Amazon addiction and received all the things for my April Cara Box partner today so I can't wait to mail that off to her!!  Have you heard of Vino2Go if you haven't then you are missing out on one of the coolest inventions ever - I just got mine from Amazon today and CAN'T wait to use it, this will be SOOOO perfect at the Lake this Summer! 

The highlight of this Wednesday was a surprise visit from my best friend. She lives and hour away from me and usually isn't home in the middle of the week and there she was today walking into the bank!! I was excited to see her and she brought me an AMAZING Red Velvet Donut, talk about yummy. Yep She is THE BEST! 

Are you Drooling?!

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL Wednesday. 
Were do you like to do your online shopping? 

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