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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What is Life Without a Little Glitter?! {Cara Box Reveal}

I participated in the Cara Box exchange again in April. If you are unfamiliar with this AWESOME modern day pen pal exchange go >>> Here
The gist of this exchange is you get 2{a&b} partners - a. sends you a gift and you send b. a gift.
There is always a theme for each month's box that you have to follow and this month was Go Green. Earth Day was earlier in April so this was a perfect theme. 

Now I'm not the most environmentally friendly person but wish I could be better at it so I was excited for this exchange. 

I was paired with Corie @ This Life of Mine and Tara @ Laila's Charming Pieces. Check out Corie's blog >>> Here to see what I sent her.

I had a great time getting to know each of these wonderful ladies. Corie is a college student living in Boston enjoying sports and loving life and Tara is a young mom busy moving and planning her daughter's 1st birthday!! 

Tara sent me a wonderful box and my hubby was even excited to see what this months Cara Box brought!! She wrote me the sweetest note filled with some AmAzInG glitter, doesn't glitter just make you want to smile?! So Fun!! 

The box also smelt amazing - oh did I mention Tara is crafty? Yep she even has her own Etsy store! The smell in my box was homemade oatmeal soap that I can't wait to use. The other goodies in my box included: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Aromatherapeutic cleaners and Hand Care {these smell wonderful and I can't wait to use something better for us and for the environment}, Justin's All-Natural chocolate candy {surprised my hubby hasn't snatched these from me yet}, A cute little pink EOS ball : 95% organic & 100% natural {I use to have one of these but left it in my car to melt in the heat, Oops … So I'm really excited to use this lip balm} I would love to Thank Tara again for this wonderful box and don't forget to check out her blog!! 

If the Cara Box Exchange is something that you want to do you don't need a blog to participate. Head over and check out the mastermind behind this project and sign up for May's exchange >>> Wifessionals Blog by Kaitlyn. 

Cara Box

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  1. Very fun and yummy cara box!

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