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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happies & Crappies April 15-21

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend now I can't wait to share my Happies and Crappies for the week. I'm starting with the crappies because everyone loves a happy ending!! 

  1. The tragedies of Monday left me so saddened for everyone in Boston and our country in general. I was so sick to my stomach wondering how there can be so much evil in this world especially to harm people who have worked so hard to get to an amazing event such as the Boston Marathon. 
  2. I hate to mention the weather again but until the white crap stops falling from the sky I will continue to be depressed about it … C'mon Spring you can show up at any time!! 
  3. The explosion in West, TX was insane. My heart goes out to all the people touched by that tragedy; the explosion photos and videos are unreal.
  4. I stayed home sick from work this week for the first time in about two years. Hope I can go another 2+ years, I hate being sick. 
  5. I looked down at my wedding ring today in horror when I realized there is a diamond missing from my band … ugh this made me so sick, thank goodness for insurance right?!

  1. More Birthdays: Getting older is a wonderful thing because it means you are still here! Celebrated Birthdays of : My Dad, My Sister-In-Law & My Sister
  2. The bombers from the Boston Marathon were caught; one dead and the other hopefully put to justice soon!!
  3. As of now this is a happie because they aren't dead (yet) but I think I did a pretty great job of repotting two flowers this week. Crossing my fingers they stay alive! 
  4. A clean apartment - this was the outcome of me staying home sick from work, I get so much more done during the day; too bad my husband didn't go for the Stay at Home Wife idea! 
  5. Cuddling with my Hubby watching some of our favorite TV shows - mainly The Voice and old One Tree Hill episodes. 
  6. Surprise visit from my Best Friend
  7. Time at the Lake with my family
  8. Twins Win!
  9. Thanks to a blog friend's twitter suggestion I have two new amazing smelling candles from Bath & Body Works - and they were on sale Even Better!!
  10. The song I Shall Believe by Sheryl Crow - oldie but I can't stop replaying it on YouTube

Here is to hoping my Happies next week outnumber my Crappies again ... starting Tomorrow!! 

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  1. Why a great post!! Happy you have more happiest than crappies!!

  2. Oh I would have melted and died on the spot if and when that happens to my ring...sorry to be dramatic! But I'm sure you know the feeling!
    I'm obsessed with B&BW candles you ma'am aren't helping my situation ;)