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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cheers Friends!

Currently I'm watching The Hunger Games in preparation for Catching Fire tonight! I'm so excited for this second movie but really wish I could have had time to reread the book. 

Although I could sit and talk about this series all night that isn't the purpose for this post. 

My lovely friend Casey has started a great link up. A way to show encouragement instead of negativity. Blogging should be something fun and enjoyable so here are a few of the people I want to say Cheers to! 

First to Casey for coming up with this brilliant idea. She also has become such a great friend and someone I'm honored to know in Blogland. {Click Here For Casey's Blog}

Second to my Fellow North Dakota girl Samantha. Although our paths never crossed and we went to college in the same town I'm so glad to have found her in Blogland and have the possibility of a blate at the lake {I can't wait}. Also so glad she is okay as she was in an accident this past weekend. {Click Here For Samantha's Blog}

My last cheers of this week is to the boys at The Young & Brave Foundation. These guys have started a nonprofit for the benefit of young people with cancer. "Always LOVE" has become their battle cry because with LOVE, absolutely anything is possible! {Click Here to visit The Young & Brave Foundation}

Please go check out these lovely people above and excuse me while I go cheer Katniss on! 

"May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor"

Now Link Up With Casey & Share Some Cheers Not Jeers!

Cheers not Jeers

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  1. Thanks, lady! This is such a great idea for a link-up. Maybe we could arrange a Fargo blate sometime since lake season is kind of months away. Or do you go to the lake in the winter at all? I do since my parents live there. Either way, it'd be fun to plan one!

  2. Ohhh I wanna see Hunger Games SO BAD but I refuse to go to the theater when it is packed b/c I am 37 weeks pregnant and irritable! I guess I shall have to wait til a random weekday..

  3. Oh you bet, I'm really excited to chat with them and learn more about their foundation!

  4. It was really good but ya, I'm sure you would be uncomfortable also I needed a bathroom break and I'm sure you would too haha it is 2.5 hours long!

  5. Oh we could totally do a Fargo blate or something at the lake this winter too. My sister lives at our lake place year round because she works in DL. We are actually going for Thanksgiving!!

  6. Thanks for joining in the link up last week! I appreciate your support :)