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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meet a Rural Rookie

It is time for you to meet another one of the lovely ladies who has donated to breast cancer research

Say Hi to Nikki from Rural Rookie

I met Nikki in the first ever Happy Hour Hangout and I'm so grateful for this group of ladies we are now a part of! {We have an exclusive 'you can't sit with us club' and some of the best new friends a girl could ask for}

One thing I did notice is Nikki & her fianc√© need more pictures of themselves {come to ND honey and I'll hook you up}

Nikki makes me smile and I'm so happy I have found her in blogland. She is beautiful and loves wine and I'm telling you to go check out her blog now!

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  1. You are so right about us needing to take more photos of ourselves! I have so few good pictures of Mr B and myself. (But yet, I have hundreds of great pics of the dogs...)
    Thanks for letting me hang out on your blog! I'm so glad we've become bloggy friends :)