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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lash By Ash

Have you ever seen a woman and said "Oh her eyes are so beautiful" or "I want her lashes"?! I don't think it is just me, a persons' eyes are one of the first things I notice and I know eyelash envy is not something only I have! 

A few months before my wedding one of my good friends told me she was going to start a new business … Applying Eyelash Extensions. My response was probably something like "oh interesting, good for you" not really knowing what it was {why couldn't she be a masseuse or something?!} or if I would ever go to her for it. Yep, little did I know how many women got false lashes  and as a result how many more people I questioned {especially celebs} if their lashes were real or not! 

As Lash by Ash {name of her business} was taking off, Ashley said I needed them for my wedding {I was very hesitant} and she thought my bachelorette party would be the perfect test run to see if I liked my look with them. I FELL IN LOVE! They made my eyes pop, were so beautiful {not fake looking} and my hubby's brown eyed girl was STUNNING! 

Photo by Milestones Photography

I recently got my lashes done again right before my best friend's wedding and fell in love all over again. This time I brought my camera and did some before and afters. 

Ashley owner of Lash by Ash now has her own store front and she has put so much of her heart and soul into this place and I am so proud of her! It is amazing, the decor and ambiance make you feel so classy and beautiful then you get to walk out of there even more stunning than you were when you walked in. Ashley does such an amazing job and I'd recommend her 1000 times over! 

If you don't live in our area, well then it kinda sucks to be you because she is the best! My advice, though, find someone in your area and try these out because you will LOVE the way the lashes make you look and how easy they are. When I can wake up and already look like I curled and put mascara on that makes my morning routine so much easier! 

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  1. Wow, they look great! I've been waiting extentsions for a while, because I too suffer from major lash envy! How long do these stay and how's your regular lashes after?

  2. Thank you. Mine usually last about a month. I hardly wear mascara when I have them because I don't need it so I think that helps them last a little bit longer too. The lashes are applied to your regular lashes and then just fall our normally with your regular lashes. After they are gone you would have no idea, your lashes are still exactly the same! I love them!