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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Vlog Like A Boss

Hello, nice to see you this Friday. Glad you woke up from your food coma and made it through the crazy crowds of Back Friday shoppers. I'm writing quick to link up with Ashten for Vlog Like A Boss. Remember last week when I talked to my computer for almost 10 minutes...Well this is a lot shorter and I brought in a few cuties for my "movie".

Little disclaimer before you watch, I didn't tell them what to say at all, just told them, we were going to record a fun movie! I hope you enjoy and are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!!

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  1. uhhhhh, so adorable!! i feel like i need to find a little one to vlog with haha, it makes it so much fun!

  2. What precious little girls, so thankful for toys and food! I miss those days.

    Ps--you're a great auntie.

  3. You're going to be a great momma one day!! And what is the food you ate lots of??

  4. hehe thanks!! It also makes it easier to talk to yourself on camera too because the kids think it is super fun!! :-)

  5. Ahh thank you!! Well Kaylee and I ate tons of Lefse {apparently Rylee isn't a fan haha} it is a Norwegian flatbread type food. It is essentially potatoes. We eat it with butter and sugar on it. You'll have to google it! :-) It's delicious! Maybe I'll send you some for Christmas time!!