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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cheers Friends!

Today is my Friday and I can't even explain to you how excited I am to have a few days off work. At my old job I would have had to work Friday but now, not only do I get a jean day on Wednesday but don't have to work Friday! 

The hubby and I are traveling to his aunt's house about 4 hours away and then from there driving about 3 hours to my parent's lake home then Sunday back home 2 hours from the lake. Hopefully my new wheels can keep up and bring me to some shopping centers on Friday! 

I hope you all have a wonderfully thankful holiday and eat lots because calories don't count on holidays!

Now before I forget it is Cheers not Jeers linkup with my BBF Casey.

Cheers to Ashten. Now this girl is super duper awesome. I don't even think I can type all the reasons she is amazing {Happy Hour Hangout : Vlog Like A Boss : Warner} and I hope someday I can meet her in real life because we could be AmAzing friends! CLICK HERE FOR ASHTEN'S BLOG

Cheers to Meg. Now Meg is kinda great okay maybe a lot of great. She says it like it is and could very possibly drink more beer than my husband. Today her post is amazing and she is amazing and I really really want you to go to her blog … NOW! CLICK HERE FOR MEG'S BLOG

Final Cheers to The Florkens. Now this is a husband wife blogger team {Kate & Adam} and they are so darn cute. I've had the privilege of chatting with them in at Happy Hour and just can't get over their accents! You will not be disappointed with these two because even though they are new to blogging they did their research and did it right! CLICK HERE FOR THE FLORKENS BLOG

Link up with Cheers not Jeers and let us know who you love in blogland right now!

Cheers not Jeers
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  1. Thanks for introducing me to these lovely ladies!! And for being a great and supportive friend! I'm thankful for you :)

  2. Oh course...I met them through Happy Hour Hangout put on by Ashten and Amber {} It is a great sponsorship if you are looking for new people to sponsor.
    I really love this link up and am so thankful for you too. Hope you and Joe had a great Thanksgiving! xo