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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Meet Mrs. Thomas

Over the next few days {let's be honest, might be weeks at the rate I've been blogging} I'll be introducing you to some of my favorite ladies. And as you are reading these, keep in mind this isn't something I've been forced to do as a result of them sponsoring me … I really love these ladies! 

Also not because they have donated to Breast Cancer Research - but they do kind of ROCK for that! 

First up is the lovely Amber from Mr. Thomas and Me

I wish I remembered the exact day I stumbled upon Mr. Thomas and Me, however, I do know what kept me there. On her About Me page there was a photo of her and a John Deere Tractor {caught this farm girl's attention} and then the next picture, her with a glass of wine. Yep I knew, then and there, we had the great potential to be long lasting friends! 

Contrary to her photos Amber and her hubby (aka Mr. Thomas) are not farm kids but instead Cali kids, she says she is from a small town but I'm thinking it is a little bigger than my small town with no stop lights. 

Amber is a God fearing woman - I admire her.

Amber has a sense of humor mixed in with a little sarcasm. 

Amber makes the most out of the hand God has dealt her. Not letting anger overcome her.

Amber is Beautiful. {Mr T. and her compliment each other so Perfectly}

Amber enjoys Art.

Amber Says YES. 

Amber is a songwriter.

Amber is my Friend. Not just some fictional lady on the internet. She is real. She is a reminder of why I blog. If you haven't already said hi to her, Go Now! Tell her Laura Beth sent you! 

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